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Venustech Hit the 2016 Cloud500 List
On July 28, hosted by Business Partner Consultancy, 2016 China Cloud Computing Ecosystem Summit was held at the China National Convention Center. More than 500 renowned cloud enterprises gathered together to explore ways to develop and cooperate in the cloud computing ecosystem. During the event, both the 2016 Cloud500 and 2016 VAR500 lists were unveiled. In recognition of its long-term commitment in information security and its hard work in cloud security over the past few years, Venustech won the award of "2016 Excellent Cloud Security Provider".
Building on its great success in 2014 and 2015, the summit was aimed to promote exchanges and cooperation between homegrown cloud computing enterprises, contributing to the development of China's cloud computing ecosystem. Thousands of enterprises signed up for the 2016 Cloud500 list. Enterprises that hit the list mainly focus on public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud and other services, and they represent China's cloud computing ecosystem.
Cloud computing, IoT, mobile Internet, social networking, big data, smart city and portable smart devices are developing rapidly with each passing day. With the widespread deployment of cloud computing, cloud security is becoming businesses' top concern, and also a buzzword in cloud computing. As a leader in the information security industry, Venustech took the lead to join the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). In recent years, it has intensified efforts in the field of cloud security.
In 2015, Venustech took the lead by introducing the CloudSOC platform in China, with the aim of addressing issues with the security protection system in the cloud computing environment. Moreover, by harnessing its professional security management and deployment capabilities, it intended to achieve on-demand security resource management and scheduling, so as to suit the elastic and dynamic changes in business resources. With cloud security operation and management features and tools, CloudSOC provides the most timely and foremost professional cloud security management and operation for users. It also builds a better cloud security management system for government/enterprise cloud. Meanwhile, this is also an important part of Venustech Group's all-around situation awareness system for enterprise network security.
After that, Venustech further introduced its "smart flow security platform", to implement the concept of "software defined security". The platform provides on-demand use, personalized scheduling, high-elasticity security resources, and unknown threat resistance functions. In early 2016, the platform was officially put into operation. Venustech also started to team up with Internet and IT giants. Forging partnership with other leading players has laid a solid foundation for its future SssS business model.
In the future, Venustech will continue to boost its commitment and investment in cloud security. On the strength of years' technology accumulation and dedication in the industry, it is poised to offer government departments, enterprises and SMBs more stable, more secure and more convenient cloud security products and services. By building a complete, all-around, and multi-layered security protection system, it strives to meet growing cloud security demand, and provide more robust assurance for enterprises' cloud data.
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