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XCon2016 Comes to a Successful End
On August 29, 2016, XCon2016 was held at NUO Hotel Beijing, marking the 15th anniversary of the event. XCon is the foremost prestigious and time-honored summit for offence and defense technologies. Venustech has been one of the XCon's major sponsors over the past ten years. This year, as always, the event attracted hundreds of domestic and overseas information security experts, scholars, researchers and information security enthusiasts, to share frontier technical research and basic subjects in the information security industry.
At XCon2016, domestic and overseas information security experts came up with a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from the innovation of security technology to analysis on security and defense issues. Jason Shirk, a security strategist from Microsoft, delivered a speech entitled "How to Rank among MSRC Top100", elaborating on how the MSRC TOP100 list is worked out and how to rank among the top 100. Baidu's chief security scientist Wei Tao made a speech entitled "Ecological Security Vulnerabilities" to explore all sorts of ecological security vulnerabilities, analyzed the causes and how to cope with the issues. Wen Guanxing, currently the No. 1 contributor of IBB-Flash vulnerability reward program, made a keynote speech "Single-shot UAF Transforms into Machine Gun", presenting a method known as "UAUAF", used to utilize UAF type vulnerabilities. The big finale of the event was "Testing WebShell with Script Virtual Machines", a speech by Wu Kang, a member of Jowto, the Choosen Lab. and discoverer of various vulnerabilities, such asCVE-2007-5587 and CVE-2012-0005. He used ASP language as an example to discuss the structure of ASP language, parser technology, and automatic input vector generation technology, and gave a demo after the speech. Then, several security experts took questions, forming lively interaction with participants.
On August 30, XCon2016 came to a successful end. Pan Zhuting, Chief Strategist of Venustech, noted, "Since 2002, XCon has been held for 15 years. It has become a world-class grand gathering in the security ecosystem. That Venustech has been sponsoring and attending the event holds immense significance. By sponsoring such a top-notch security conference, Venustech intends to vigorously promote interaction, technical sharing and cooperation in China's security industry, so as to heighten network security precaution consciousness and technology capability, thereby promoting innovation in China's network security industry."
According to ADlab's Technical Director Zhu Qianhang, featuring a rigorous and realistic style, XCon provides an academic platform for exchanges, sharing and innovation in the information security industry, and plays a crucial role in the information security industry. Venustech has always been supporting such conferences that fuel industry development. By interacting with domestic and overseas security gurus, we want to discern the future trends of the information security industry at home and abroad, so as to fuel the rapid development of China's information security industry, and contribute to building a healthy network security ecosystem. Finally, once XCon2016 was wrapped up, XPwn is coming soon.
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