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Venustech Vice President Bi Xueyao Attends 2016 InfoSec Cyberspace Security College Students' Summer Camp
From July 17 to 18, 2016 Cyberspace Security College Students' Summer Camp of the International Forum for Security Research (InfoSec) was held at Beijing International Convention Center and FIT Building of Tsinghua University. Through giving an introduction to admission tutors and labs, providing face-to-face exchange with tutors, organizing visits to labs and well-known enterprises, the activity was aimed to promote interaction between Chinese college students majoring in cyberspace, enhance their interest in scientific research, expand their academic vision and identify the direction of research and work. Meanwhile, candidates were recommended for postgraduate programs in cyberspace security at Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Peking University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The college students got to talk to tutors of postgraduate programs. They also stood the chance of being recommended to renowned IT firms such as Baidu, Qihu360, Ant Financial and Venustech for internships or job opportunities. The event attracted a large number of college students who intend to dedicate themselves to research in cyberspace security.
Bi Xueyao, Vice President of Venustech and President of Venustech Core Technology Institute, attended the event at invitation. At the internship recruitment for famous IT firms held on July 18, he delivered a keynote speech entitled as "Information Security Challenges Faced by Enterprise Networks". According to him, corporate IT architecture is undergoing major changes; through years' development, the network security industry needs to adapt to new changes and meet new challenges. That is, there is a wide gap between lasting changes of practical necessity and products, technologies and services currently available.
Then, Bi Xueyao discussed conspicuous issues with participants in seven aspects: security threats brought by cloud computing, situation awareness, automated security operation and maintenance, big data security, Wi-Fi security threats, industrial control network (such as advanced manufacturing) security and intelligent equipment (such as intelligent automobile) security. During his speech, participants attentively listened and noted down the key points, gaining a better understanding of demand in the industry.
Finally, Bi Xueyao welcomed the college students to join Venustech. Those who want to devote themselves to vulnerability discovering and offence-and-defense counterwork are welcomed to join ADlab and the service team; those who made their mind to study frontier security technology are welcomed to Venustech Core Technology Institute and the R&D team; those who want to start their own businesses are welcomed to contact the investment fund.
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