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IDC 2015: Venustech and LeadSec Came out Top in China's IT Security Hardware & Software Market
Recently, the premier global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) released a research report entitled China Network Security Market Shares 2015: IT Security Hardware, Software & Service. According to the report, among vendors in China's IT security hardware and software market, in 2015 Venustech ranked No.1 along with LeadSec, and it came out top in multiple market segments.
The findings of an study conducted by IDC show that driven by national policies, the government's purchase of large quantities of security products through centralized procurement, and the government and finance sectors' increased input in cloud resource pool, in 2015 the size of China's IT security hardware, software and service market reached USD2.7 billion, with a hefty YOY rise of 19.7%. Now, as information security has become part of the national strategy, China's information security industry is bound to maintain rapid development.
The latest data indicate that in 2015 Venustech and LeadSec's products and services were quite impressive in ranking across the related market segments. Venustech's IDS/IPS came out first by market share, followed by VPN. In the area of vulnerability scanning, Venustech rose to second, up from the third place in 2014. LeadSec remained the No. 1 player in the UTM market, and ranked third in the firewall market. Venustech had stunning performance in the information security market, which speaks to its solid comprehensive strength. Once again, it attested to the company's leading position in information security products, services and solutions, and showcased its charisma as the forerunner in China's information security industry.
In the report, IDC make an assessment of Venustech, "In 2015, after acquiring Unimas System, Sursen and Anfang Hightech, Venustech further expanded its size, extended its product lines, and built presence in the fields of application security, data security and physical security. In 2015, Venustech posted remarkable business growth: Its revenue surged 42.5% year on year in the IT security hardware, software and service market."
Venustech has always been focusing on users' demand. After years' intensive efforts in the information security industry, the company has attracted users in 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China, covering the fields of government, telecom, finance, energy, transportation and manufacturing. It has become the preferred brand for high-end enterprise customers in China. In the future, Venustech Group will continue to provide enterprise users with a full range of security products and efficient security service solutions, thereby helping them build a sound security system. Meanwhile, it is committed to providing internationally competitive security products and best practice services, so as to preserve its overwhelming superiority in market competition and beef up its market share.
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