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Venustech Helps Protecting Information Security at 2016 G20 Summit

Recently, the 2016 G20 Summit came to a successful end in Hangzhou, China. G20 leaders gathered together to discuss major issues concerning world economic development and cooperation. During the event, as a key player for information security in the communication industry, Venustech strove to fulfill the goal of zero major network incident, zero major security incident, and zero major customer complaint. Bearing in mind the suggestions on ensuring timely goal fulfillment, engineering quality and safety, environmental quality improvement and long-term management, the group mapped out a detailed work plan, took measures to cope with the superposition of extreme scenarios, and accomplished the tasks with flying colors.

During the summit, Venustech undertook the customer information security task for a key operator. Three months prior to the summit, through close cooperation with the client, Venustech worked out typical scenarios of information leakage, forming a big data audit model. The model got well practiced after two months' repeated optimization and training.
Meanwhile, to address the demand for quick tracing after information leakage was found using the audit model, Venustech deployed its proprietary user behavior analysis platform based on big data, and incorporated user behavior data from seven key service systems. Given the direct perception and efficiency of retrieval result and time sequence of context, before user behavior data were put in the database, streaming technology was utilized to complete sundry work like data cleansing, enriching and labeling, so as to achieve mass data second-level return.
During the 17 days from August 20 to September 5, Venustech monitored analysis result from the behavior analysis model around the clock. A total of 4,896 times of model operation were executed for 50 million entries of data. Based on the data, Venustech identified 16 suspected cases of abnormal behavior, and responded to 620 requests for full-text retrieval, thereby smoothly completing the security protection task.

As for threats, people mainly have had encounters with external threats, such as DDoS attacks, APT attack, etc. In fact, however, over the years authoritative research institutions at home and abroad have shown that internal threats are far more harmful than external ones. In Venustech's view, the key to addressing internal threats lies in stepping up user behavior mining and data analysis. As a highly experienced vendor in the operator industry, Venustech is armed with experts well versed in operators' services, and it can integrate segmented user behavior data sources. Meanwhile, the company boasts a number of data analysts with solid background in the industry, which allows it to further dig integrated and enriched data, thereby completing closed-loop analysis of internal threats.

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