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Japan IT Week Spring 2016 Held in Tokyo during May 11-13 Venustech Attends the Event with its Venusense DLP, UTM, WAF and ADC

Japan IT Week is the largest comprehensive IT exhibition in the country with a history of 25 years. This year, a total of 1,600 companies participated in the event, along with 120,000 visitors, the largest turnover ever. The exhibition hall of information security exhibited a strong business climate, pooling well-known international security vendors and their agents. In addition to market campaigns for brand extension, it provided an ideal opportunity for vendors to expand their channels, agents to seek partners and users to find products that satisfied their demand. Being committed to expanding the Japanese market, Venustech has attended the exhibition for seven continuous years.

Located at the entrance of the exhibition hall for information security in the east zone No.5, Venustech's booth bordered on the main passageway of the venue, a crowded location. This year, the booth was larger than ever. Through repeated communication with a renowned booth decoration company, Venustech decided to build a booth in the shape of futuristic spaceship made up of three parts. In the sky blue on Venustech's logo, the booth featured a concise and practical style.
The booth comprised of three parts. In the static exhibition area in the back, on display was hardware equipment such as UTM, WAF and ADC. The big screen displayed product parameters and functions. These products drew steady attention. During the exhibition, numerous partners from the U.S., Japan and Singapore approached Venustech out of admiration. In particular, currently Venustech's shipment of UTM products exceeds 25,000 sets in Japan, with a market share of 13% among SMEs. On the strength of outstanding technology capability and excellent product quality, Venustech is widely acclaimed by Japanese users.
In the demo zone at the center, on display was DLP, a product unveiled by Venustech for the Japanese market in 2016 under the slogan of "DLP: Active Countermeasure against Data leakage Prevention. During the three-day exhibition, both end users and partners showed keen interest in the product. On average, six demo devices received more than 100 visitors per day, and users often had to line up to have a try. Among the users were local Japanese vendors such as METOX. To shorten users' wait, Ms. Shen Yang, General Manager of Venustech's Overseas Operation Division and President of Venustech Japan, personally acted as a guide for users. Once it made its debut, the new DLP product was well received, which mirrored the group's strong market sensitivity. The exhibition signified that the group has reached a new level in the Japanese market, and it also marked a solid step taken by the group in overseas markets.
The front section of the exhibition area was a big-screen speech area. Every other hour seminar on the exhibits was held. The audience once blocked the entrance of the east fifth zone. Venustech especially invited President Tamaki, an expert on endpoint security, to deliver a speech.
Japan IT Week came to a successful end. As the sole professional information security vendor from China, Venustech received an interview with the organizer of the exhibition, showcasing its powerful technological strength and appeal in the marketplace.
Through years' strenuous efforts in the Japan market, Venustech set up Venustech Japan in 2015. Thanks to highly successful localization, Venustech's products are geared toward demand in the international market in both appearance and application. The group has also made steady headways in channel building. It is believed that through continued efforts, Venustech will become a preferred brand in the Japanese information security industry.
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