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IDC 2015: LeadSec Has Been Leading China's UTM Market for Four Continuous Years
Recently, the premier global market intelligence firm International Data Corporation(IDC) released the China Network Security Market Shares, 2015: IT Security Hardware, Software & Service. According to the report, with a market share of 18.7%, LeadSec, a subsidiary of Venustech, continued to rank No.1 in the unified threat management (UTM) market. Since 2012, the company has been leading the market for four continuous years.
According to the research by IDC, in 2015, IT security hardware took up a proportion of 54.2% in China's network security market (including hardware, software and service), of which the total value surged 22.1% year on year to US$1.4522 billion. As a major segment of the information security hardware market, the UTM market grew 20.2% in 2015, reaching US$375.7 million. The fast growth can be ascribed to huge demand for security gateway products and end users' improved understanding of such products. Now, China has released its new security gateway standard. It can be foreseen that such fast growth will continue over the next few years. On the strength of its superiority in the government and other sectors, LeadSec remained the No. 1 player in China's UTM market with a market share of 18.7%.
LeadSec UTM is a comprehensive security protection and application control product introduced by LeadSec. To address a sharp increase in network security issues in the Internet era, it provides application identification and control, Web security protection, virus protection, intrusion prevention and DDoS attack prevention. At the same time, it offers content filtering, security audit, security management, log, quality of service (QoS), high availability (HA) and bandwidth management features. This way, governments and enterprises are provided with all-around security protection, covering infrastructure, key businesses and end users.
UTM is based on a dedicated hardware platform, a highly secure real-time embedded VSP operating system developed independently by LeadSec, and a unified security engine (USE) developed independently by the company. Its software system features a modular structure. For different application environments and different security policies, different functional modules can be configured, which dramatically facilitates product deployment.
UTM's antivirus module is powered by the company's proprietary virus scanning engine, with dual engines and dual virus signature libraries. On one hand, this prevents the failure to report viruses caused by the different design ideas of different engines; on the other hand, with the combination of the two engines, the number of viruses in the built-in virus library exceeds 6 million, so that various kinds of standard and variant viruses and worms are detected and removed. The principle of unified engine design makes the dual virus protection engines work perfectly together. While the detection rate is guaranteed, there is no notable deterioration in product performance. UTM's intrusion prevention module perfectly supports fine-grained custom IPS signatures. It contains user definition of L7 protocols in 17 categories. Field content of the protocols can be set accurately, such as character content, offset and length. Furthermore, HTTP protocol attacks can be re-directed to the honey pot system. Attacks are detected and analyzed, to safeguard the security of the protected host. Based on application behavior and data characteristics, the Internet behavior management module effectively improves the application identification rate, and prevents erroneous judgment. Strict management policies can be issued to IM software, online game, stock software and P2P software based on different time and groups.
LeadSec UTM provides access control under database protocol and accurate database behavior audit. This, coupled with Web security protection that is already available, forms a total solution combining ex-ante prevention, in-process control and post audit, to protect key data from being disclosed. It offers as many as 11 statistical methods for user behaviors and detailed count of webpage content, email content and content of BBS threads, to ensure key Internet behaviors and content can be recorded and tracked, thereby fully meeting compliance requirements.
In recent years, LeadSec has been seeking technological innovation, and optimizing software architecture, with an array of remarkable results. It has resolved a lot of difficulties in security function integration and concurrent processing. At present, the company boasts the best UTM product development capability in the industry, with product lines covering the megabit, gigabit and ten gigabit levels. It stands out among security vendors in China and even the world. The company has established its position as a forerunner in the UTM market.
Adhering to the tenet of making users safely use the Internet, LeadSec will pay close attention to security trends and intensify technological innovation. Constantly making innovation in products and technology, it will push the information industry forward with better products and services.
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