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Another expedition for Venustech: Global Business Department at CeBIT

On March 20th, 2017, CeBIT was opened in Hannover, Germany. Venustech presented its security products, such as Venusense UTM, WAF, ADC, USM, at the computer expo, which it has attended for many times in the past.

With a 31 years long history, CeBIT has always been the world’s largest ICT trade fair of the highest level, presenting innovative achievements in the fields of advanced ICT technologies, home and office communication solutions. 

Among all the exhibition halls there, the one designated to information security has the most vitality, since there are many famous security vendors within China and from the world have attended the fair.

After careful preparation, the products of Venustech, which have excellent performance and outstanding technical support, once again became the highlight in the security industry, attracting lots of customers to watch the demonstration and consult with us.  

The booth of Venustech is divided into 3 parts. The part on the right shows software and hardware equipments of UTM, WAF, ADC, USM; the big screen displays details and capabilities of the products; equipments for operations on virtual machines are also provided. 

These products have received constant attentions in the market. During the expo, lots of partners from different European countries came to exchange with us, which shows our extraordinary technical competence and good public recognition.   

It is well known that the products of Venustech, no matter its external design or application, meet the demands of international market. In addition to that, the overseas team of Venustech has made sustained development in channel building in the European market. We believe that, with the continuous efforts made by Venustech, it will soon become one of the leaders in European security market! 

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