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Venusense ADM
Venusense ADM (Venusense Traffic Anomaly Detection and Mitigation System), is an intelligent anti-DDOS security defense system developed by Venustech. The system is designed to identify and protect effectively and precisely against varied common attacks such as DOS/DDOS. The Venusense ADM provides perfect protection for data centers, websites, information platforms, interactive entertainment and other Internet-based network service against malicious attacks and destruction.
Venusense NGFW
Based on an innovative dynamic biplane multi-core parallel architecture and powered by Intel DPDK, Venusense NGFW provides T-bit non-blocking data processing capacity. Depend on the advantage of Venustech VSOS (Security Operating System) and high-performance integration processor, Venusense NGFW achieves deep integration of L4-L7 layer, which provides users with high performance and high reliability of the L4-L7 layer unified security protection.
Venusense UTM
Featuring comprehensive security capabilities, Venusense Unified Threat Management (UTM) products adopt the industry's most advanced multi-core, multi-thread computing architecture, traffic parsing engine, as well as integrated software design that includes basic security functions, such as firewall, anti-virus(AV), intrusion prevention (IPS), content filtering, application identification, anti-spam, IPSEC/SSL VPN, anti-DDoS system.
In addition, Venusense UTM also provides cloud-based security functions to protect against increasingly complex security threats as well as advanced centralized management solution and user friendly reporting.
Venusense WAF
Venusense Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a new generation of Web security protection and application delivery product developed by Venustech. It mainly provides HTTP/HTTPS traffic analysis for Web servers, prevents attacks aimed at Web application vulnerabilities, optimizes Web application accesses to improve the availability, performance, and security of Web/network protocol based applications and ensure the quick, secure, and reliable delivery of Web service applications.
Venusense ADC
Venusense Application Delivery Controller (ADC) feature security, high performance, stability, industry-leading functions, flexible configuration, and simple deployment. Venusense ADC covers 1 G to 600 G, supports hybrid deployment on IPv4 and IPv6 networks, and has complete virtualization cloud computing center traffic management solutions. It can be deployed on the service systems of small and medium-sized enterprises, carriers' networks, and new data centers to achieve rapid, secure, and reliable delivery of key IT services.
Venusense USM
Venusense Unified Security Management (Venusense USM) is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that enables security teams to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks, to simplify threat management while minimizing risk, and safeguard your business.
Venusense USM enables your security teams to use all data to gain organization-wide visibility and security intelligence. Venusense USM helps security teams streamline security operation for organizations of all sizes and levels of expertise.
Venusense IPS
Venusense intrusion prevention system (IPS), which integrates the company's research outcome in the attack prevention area, has global leading threat recognition and prevention capability. It can accurately recognize and block attacks and viruses, such as the Web attack, worm, spy software, Trojan, overflow attack, database attack, advanced threat attack, and brute-force, which make up the deficiencies of deep prevention at the network layer.
Penetration Test
Venusense Penetration Test
Venustech has provided not only secure and reliable information security products, but also various types of security services for customers in the past 20 years. As one of the main security service types provided by Venustech, penetration testing relies on Venustech's ADLab (ADLab is one of the earliest research institutes for attack and defense technology established in China's security industry. It is a core member of the Microsoft MAPP program and the first spur of the concept of "Black Sparrow Attack". Up to now, ADLab has released nearly 400 vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux, Unix and other operating systems through CVE) and post-doctoral workstation's research and mining.