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Venusense UTM
Featuring comprehensive security capabilities, Venusense Unified Threat Management (UTM) products adopt the industry's most advanced multi-core, multi-thread computing architecture, traffic parsing engine, as well as integrated software design that includes basic security functions, such as firewall, anti-virus(AV), intrusion prevention (IPS), content filtering, application identification, anti-spam, IPSEC/SSL VPN, anti-DDoS system.
In addition, Venusense UTM also provides cloud-based security functions to protect against increasingly complex security threats as well as advanced centralized management solution and user friendly reporting.
1Main Functions:

  • ● Excellent firewall features

Supports access control based on the source IP address, destination IP address, source port, destination port, time, service, user, file, URL, keyword, email address, script, and MAC address.
Supports traffic management, connection count control, IP/MAC binding, and user authentication.

● Ten-gigabit application processing capability

The IPS throughput of high-end UTM products reaches 15 Gbit/s. The AV throughput reaches 10 Gbit/s. The total application processing capability reaches at least 15 Gbit/s. The comprehensive application processing capability comes out top in the industry.

● Flexible port extension

Venusense UTM supports various port combinations to meet different scenario requirements.

● Rich extensible modules

In addition to extensible ports, Venusense UTM has extensible modules including the DC power supply module, redundant power supply module, bypass interface module, LCD module, one-click configuration module (exclusive with LCD module), and SM encryption card (certain models) module.

● Solid IPS prevention system

Venusense UTM has the sound attack library in the industry with more than 7,000 intrusion signatures.
Venusense UTM precisely prevent cyber attacks, worms, Trojan, and backdoor.

Venusense UTM uses the network abnormality analysis technology to completely prevent DoS attacks.

● Secure and multiple VPNs to simplify network topology

Multiple VPNs are supported with abundant applications.

● WLAN adaptation

Venusense UTM can act as 802.11B and 802.11G wireless access points, provide complete security protection for wireless environments, and provide specific prevention from the gateway to desktop. Typically, traditional security gateways do not provide this function. By using this function, a specific host can be located and endpoint access can be controlled in wireless environments of SMBs, which is impossible in traditional wireless router-access environments.

● Complete and efficient application prevention

Venusense UTM provides all-round security protection by integrating application layer control-based deep filtering and prevention such as anti-virus, intrusion prevention, DDoS attack prevention, Internet behavior management (application management and control and URL filtering), content/behavior auditing, traffic control, and Web security protection.

(1) Complete Internet behavior management

Venusense UTM can recognize more than 2,000 applications (including more than 200 mobile applications) of 20 categories, and implements traffic control on more than 50 applications. Combining with user authentication, Venusense UTM can achieve user-based application recognition and control.

(2) Web 2.0

Venusense UTM provides a separate Web 2.0 category library to protect Web 2.0 applications. In fact, most web 2.0 applications and websites hosting web 2.0 application downloading have known vulnerabilities and exploits. This function can prevent threat data and control employees' Internet behavior.

(3) Complete DDoS attack prevention

Venusense UTM supports more than 20 types of attack prevention, including mainstream DDoS attacks such as SYN Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, HTTP Flood, and DNS Flood. Its exclusive fine-grained attack prevention parameter settings make prevention more precisely. Moreover, its traffic statistics function visually displays the percentage and type of attack traffic among focused traffic in charts.

(4) Industry-leading network anti-virus technology

Venusense UTM has a virus library including more than 10,000,000 virus signatures and can prevent the file virus, macro virus, script virus, worm, Trojan, malicious software, greyware, and ARP virus. It can achieve anti-virus against compressed files with the intelligent reduction technology.

(5) APT solution

The APT solution ensures user network security by combining the local signature library with cloud detection.

(6) Content/behavior auditing 
Venusense UTM supports auditing more than 10 types of contents and behaviors, such as website access, email sending and receiving, IM chatting, posting on a forum, sending outgoing files, and database access. This can be used for locating the causes of security events.

(7) Deep content filtering 

Venusense UTM supports deep content analysis on HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols, including control conditions such as URL, file extension, email address, email subject keyword, URL content, and webpage content. It supports filtering characters included in URLs, keywords in the webpage content, and types of uploaded and downloaded files.

At the same time, its anti-virus function and intrusion prevention function provide real time event classified alert reports and global attack map. Users can view the level, name, type, IP address, protocol, and time of an event in real time in the Web interface.

2User Values:

      ● Various security functions in one device
● Easy to use and maintain
● Professional security functions and performance
● Full range of product models from desktop to 2U rack-mountable appliance

3Highlights of Venusense UTM:

Ease of use
● Quick configuration wizard
By using the configuration wizard, users can finish the basic network configuration, firewall policy configuration and security policy configuration within 30 seconds.
● Quick configuration via thumb driver
● Quickly deploy multiple new devices.
● Reduce deployment workload of distributor’s engineers.
● Improve customer working efficiency.

High performance
More than 40 models (10 series) covering networks of all sizes with industry level performance.
UTM-70E is the highest performance desktop UTM (Intel Bay Trail Platform Quad Core, no-fan design, low noise.)

Professional security engines

● Local engine & Kaspersky engine.
● 0-day attack defense based on behavior analysis and discovery learning technology.
● Flow and proxy virus scanning modes.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
● Powered by Venusense IPS R&D team, with 20 years of R&D experience in attack & defense field
● Signature update and customization supported by Venustech ADLab (Active Defense Laboratory).
● Vulnerability detection for specified target, intelligently generate the IPS template and prevention policy based on detection result.

Anti-Spam & URL DB
● Cyren anti-spam cloud engine: Provide high-precision spam detection capability. Spam email detection is based on statistics of sender behavior.
● Cyren URL filtering cloud database: precise blocking of unwanted websites.
● Customizable filtering blacklists and illegal website blocking.

Value added service solution for partners

Syslog server
● Collect device logs and generate independent custom reports (such as AV reports and IPS reports) for end users.

Update server
● For signatures (IPS, AV database) and function package (UTM OS version) updates.

License server
● For license upload, activation, extension and transfer.

Remote maintenance server.
● Distributor can log in to device remotely for remote fault diagnosis via the server. (Two login methods supported: WEB interface and SSH).

● End user can back up the latest three configuration files on server and restore in case of failures.

4UTM Deployment Scenario:

● Bridge mode

● Routing mode

● Mixed mode

5Product Honors & Certifications:

EAL3+ Certificate

CVE Compatibility Certificate

IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2 Gold Accreditation Certificate